Maputo, Moçambique





10 responses to “CONTACTOS

  1. Força aí Mungana Wangas!!
    Na famba de bike!!

  2. Shamila Jansz

    Hello, Falo poco portuguese, entao escribo no ingles! Disculpe Muito! My name is Shamila and I have recently moved to Maputo, I would be very interested to be part of critical mass but I do not have a bicycle, and am not sure how to get one. Also I do not know many people here, and was wondering if you have any events or outings that I could join and come and meet you all? Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you. Shamila

  3. dear shamila,
    we would love to meet you at the next cmm 008, this friday at 6pm at the Praça da Independência, in fromy of the cathedral of Maputo. there will be plenty of people, we hope, that will be able to give you some contacts of how and where to get a bike.
    if you search in this blog you can find in one of our posts the contact og BETINHO, he’s our “pusher” in the bike world, he even has a shop where you can buy, order and fix bikes.
    please come and join even if just for a chat. see you then.

  4. woutermaenhout


    Is the critical mass still going? Today I went to the praca de independentia at 6pm but I couldn’t see any bikes…



    • miss portugal

      we’re very sorry. some CMM have had lack of members… this means that if you don’t see any bikes it probably means you’re the only one… some of the initial memebers have left the country and others just can’t seem to pick up where they left off. we’ll try to be more organized.

  5. Hello,
    does this critical mass still exist?

    • miss portugal

      yes it does, though very silently… the group has gone in different directions. the idea is to relaunch it soon! keep checking for news!

  6. Hola amigos,
    Sou da biciletada Brazil, critical mass, Saludos…

    Um abraço

  7. Hello, any news on relaunching Critical Mass?
    Would really like to join… 🙂

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